Claims / Reclamaition

In case of a defective product or your product becomes defective. You must make your complaint within a “reasonable time” after you have discovered a defect. If you complain within two months after discovering a defect, it will always be regarded as within a reasonable time.

As law number 48/2003 regarding Sale of Consumer Goods in Iceland states. If a customer does not file a claim within 2 years of receiving the product, the right to file claim expires. If an item is supposed for a far more extended period of use then the deadline of filing a claim is 5 years from receiving the product.

We will try to resolve any issue with a faulty item and process your claim as quickly as possible.
If your claim is approved, it means that you may either have the right to get the item repaired or replaced. In some cases, we will refund the money or make a reduction in the original price, all depending on the specific situation.
If you would like to complain about your customer then we encourage you to contact us by any means. As of now there is no operating center of complaints in Iceland. If you reside outside of Iceland then you can complain through the EU Commission’s online complaints:

Please send us an email at [email protected] titled “Claim“. The email should include order number, a description of the defect along with detailed pictures.

If you receive a damaged product following the delivery of your order. Please let us know right away so we can take appropriate action.